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Viking Brooch

Viking Odin's Horse Sleipnir Pin -- Norse/Crow/Medieval/Silver/Coat/Cloak/Brooch


Viking or Celtic Sea-Horse Brooch -- Norse/Knotted/Seahorse/Silver/Jewelry/Pin


Viking Valknut Pewter Pin Brooch -Norse/Medieval/Handcrafted #1267


Norse Viking Fibula Brosch Longboat Talisman Brooch


Norse Viking Dragon Swedish Brosch Talisman Brooch


Viking Dragon Brooch --- Norse/Medieval/Jewelry/Pin/Bronze/Gold/Celtic/Skyrim


Viking Raiders Brooch - Norse Pin --- Drakkar/Longboat/Ship/Shields/Dragon/Steel


Norse Viking Celtic Dragon Brosch Talisman Brooch


Viking Ship Boat Brooch Dragon Nordic Scandinavian celt Knot jewelry Slavic


Viking Brooch Dragon Nordic Brooches Fibula brosch Ancient Pin Slavic Jewelry


Viking Dragon Brooch Ship Brooches Fibula Sweden brosch Pin Slavic Jewelry


Medieval Viking Wrap Cloak Pin Penannular Spiral Everyday Brooch Jewelry


Bronze Penannular Brooch with Twists and Curls -- Viking/Celtic/Fibula/Cloak Pin


Celtic / Viking Flying Raven Pin -- Norse/Crow/Medieval/Silver/Coat/Cloak/Brooch


Large Domed Viking Odin's Ravens Brooch -- Norse/Celtic/Silver/Coat/Cloak Pin


Vintage Norse Silver Brooch of Viking Ship


Vintage CELTIC ~ Solo'or PIN Brooch Large Blue Green 2-3/4" Cloak or Viking Pin


Viking Brooch Legendry Nordic Brooches Fibula Ancient brosch Pin Slavic Jewelry




Large Kopi Smykker Denmark Large Viking Ship Pin (brooch)


Viking Dragon Cloak Pin or Hair Pin Spike --- Norse/Bronze/Gold/Celtic/Brooch


Large Kopi Smykker Denmark Sterling Silver Large Viking Ship Pin (brooch)


Bronze Norse Viking Shield Celtic Vintage brooches Clothes Fasteners - Cloak Pin


Forged Decorative Natures Bounty Viking Brooch Jewelry


Minnesota Vikings NFL Football Unisex Jacket Coat Brooch Pin Jewelry Pendant Fun


Bronze Gold Viking Shield Brooches ,Clothes Fasteners - Cloak, Shawl, Scarf Pin,


Viking Nordic Deer Pewter Brooch -Viking/Nordic/Handcrafted #0960


Renaissance Star Pewter Brooch -Renaissance/Viking/Handcrafted #0311


Viking Triple Horn of Odin Pewter Pin Brooch -Medieval/Norse/Handcrafted #0698


Bronze Norse Viking Shield Celtic Vintage brooches Clothes Fasteners - Cloak Sca


Viking Tortoise Brooch with Stylized Wolves -- Norse/Celtic/Silver/Wolf/Odin/Pin


Viking Domed Oval Dragon-Bird Brooch -- Norse/Celtic/Silver/Raven/Thor/Odin/Pin


Celtic Cats Brooch/Pin -- Viking/Norse/Celt/Medieval/Kittie/Feline/Silver/Cloak