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Hermida Audio USA (Lovepedal) - Zendrive 2 Gold - Overdrive - Mint Condition


Lovepedal Eternity Burst Hand Wired Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal - Mint Cond


Lovepedal Eternity Guitar Effect Pedal - Original - Rare


Lovepedal OD11


Lovepedal Twin Sixty Dual Clean Boost 


Hermida Audio USA (Lovepedal) - Zendrive - Overdrive - Mint Cond


Lovepedal Eternity Burst Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


Lovepedal 45 Angus 2006 limited production hand wired made to order 


cot church of tone lovepedal overdrive with orig. box


Lovepedal Red Dot Zendrive


Lovepedal Kanji 9 Guitar Overdrive Distortion Pedal Eternity Vintage love pedal


Lovepedal LES LIUS Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Twin OD Tchula Boost Pedal Free Ship


Lovepedal KALAMAZOO “MINT condition “


Lovepedal Plexi 100 Pro Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal, Marshall in a box 


Lovepedal Super Six 6 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


Hermida Audio Lovepedal White Zendrive


Love Pedal COT50


Lovepedal Kalamazoo Black Caucus Overdrive Distortion Pedal


Lovepedal Super Sic Tone Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal


Lovepedal Champ Amp Overdrive Pedal


Lovepedal Brownface Deluxe


Lovepedal BBB18 - OC71 Germanium Fuzz/Rangemaster - Chrome Pedal


Lovepedal Black Champ Booster Preamp Overdrive Effects Pedal Free USA Shipping


Lovepedal COT50 Hand Wired Foldy On/Off Pot Guitar Pedal Free Ship


Lovepedal Monkey Fist FUZZ Guitar Effect Pedal




Vibe Lovepedal Tremolo Guitar Pedal


Lovepedal Lil’ China Effect Pedal w/Box Handwired Excellent 


Lovepedal Stir Of Echoes chrome delay


Lovepedal Fab 50 Tiki Overdrive Boost Effect Pedal Black w/Box Handwired


Lovepedal Original Fab 50 2003 Excellent Original Condition 


Lovepedal Lil' China COT50 original hand wired vintage